Can singing spread Covid-19?

Live music always works when it comes to events, big, small, intimate, sprawling, indoor or outdoor, summer or winter – it’s tried and tested and is here to stay. We don’t know about you, but to have some normality, something fun, special and something you’ve missed feels incredible after this time of entertainment and social […]

Health and safety procedures for Covid-19

We all know that life has turned upside down in 2020 and getting back to some kind of normality will take time and effort from us in the music industry – we want you to feel safe when you book us for a wedding, party or corporate event. Here are some procedures we will work […]

Gifts on Lockdown – Personalised Videos!

How do you bring the joy of experiencing music back in to your special occasions now we are all social distancing? And when you can’t go out for a meal or a concert, how do you make a birthday or anniversary unique and thoughtful? Here at the Get Gospel camp we’ve thought of a way […]

We’ve released some music!

We’re proud to announce our first ever EP, The Spiritual Sessions is now available online to listen, stream and buy on all well known digital platforms! We’d love for you to listen Back in February, we recorded five new a capella arrangements of spiritual songs and we released them a couple of weeks in to […]

Exit Music!

Walking out at the end of your wedding ceremony is a joyous affair – you’re finally married! After all that waiting, all that prep, and possibly all that anxiety too. We’ve definitely seen some relieved couples in our time! Some couples don’t really like to be the centre of attention, sometimes you can tell that […]

Wedding Checklist

Our Wedding Checklist

  It’s racing towards your wedding day, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve discovered a million things you have to do or tell people before the day, and your brain is about to explode. How on earth will you remember it all?! Having said that, we have worked with many a super-organised client who […]

Music ideas and Tips for the Bridal Party Entrance

Brides, this is your moment! For some of us, it’s one of the most nerve wracking moments of life with all eyes on the bride, for others, it’s a moment of lime-lit, glorious celebration! One thing is for sure, the entrance of the bride is the a much awaited, spine tingling pause that you don’t […]

Song ideas for funerals from our existing repertoire

Please do ask if you have a song that isn’t on our list that you would like to be performed for your loved one’s funeral. Everyone is different, and we have performed a multitude of songs that you would not expect at funerals! You have to make it personal, fitting and special as a tribute […]

2017 Get Gospel Line Up Smiling Faces

How much does it cost to hire a gospel choir?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Can we afford a gospel choir? How much does one cost anyway, and why? We have performed for people from all walks of life in various scenarios, and we receive an enquiry pretty much every day – usually more. Many people have no clue what it costs to hire […]

Choosing hymns for your wedding

A question that pops up fairly often for us is, “What hymns should we choose for our wedding?” It’s something that I spent a lot of time thinking about in preparation for my own. I knew that my wedding would be full of musicians and people familiar with church and church-type songs, yet I still […]