Five ideas for an amazing virtual Christmas event

Christmas is just around the corner! But, as we all know, it’s no normal Christmas. For the majority of us, there’ll be no office Christmas party, no nativity plays, no dinner gatherings, no panto. So many companies, charities and homes are taking the risk out of a social gathering and going VIRTUAL. Here are our top five ideas for a virtual Christmas event – first of all, of course, is US!

1.) Book Get Gospel for a live stream concert!
What is life without music and how much better is it if it is live?!
Our concerts are anything up to 60 minutes and streamed live to a platform or your choice. Zoom is popular, but better audio would be YouTube or Facebook live, or a bespoke platform of your choosing. We perform live in a top notch studio, with a range of filming option and camera angles, lighting and full quality audio.
THEN, we arrange a bespoke jingle written especially for your company or family, with help from you!
Our concerts are interactive with games, quizzes and sing-a-longs. We take requests (from our repertoire lists or ahead of time) and our studio can also patch in other video streams to include participating colleagues/family members.
We are also happy to collaborate with other performers or hosts as part of a bigger event.

Do you remember our unique festive vibe from years gone by? Check out our showreel below and get in touch for our price list!

2.) Virtual Cookery Experience – sending out ingredients and leading the class over zoom, this company look like they’ll make you chefs in a 2 hour workshop!

3.) Virtual Pantomine – why miss out on all the laughter, innuendo and cheek that a pantomine provides? Check out this company offering an interactive experience.

4.) Virtual art class – using an ingenious new web platform this company promotes the enjoyment of art based activities as a virtual team experience. Artwork can be printed as Christmas Cards to send to your clients!

5.) Virtual Murder Mystery – this team building activity looks very fun. From unlocking and examining key evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews, using augmented reality and image recognition technology to exploring the crime scene via an interactive map, it’s something competitive and challenging to kick back to!

Have fun thinking differently this year! And thank you for supporting the arts and events industry in this crazy time. We need you!

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