How much does it cost to hire a gospel choir?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips. Can we afford a gospel choir? How much does one cost anyway, and why? We have performed for people from all walks of life in various scenarios, and we receive an enquiry pretty much every day – usually more. Many people have no clue what it costs to hire musicians, some people think we do it all for fun – and it is fun – but it is also what pays the bills for us. From enquiries to work for no pay, to £150, to £500, to £1000, to £3000 – expectations are different. So here’s some clue as to what kind of budget you need and what you’re paying for!

There are two main things that you pay for when you book us.

  • The ‘on-the-day’ cost.
    This is pretty simple – paying for our time on the day (which is more than just the performance but the travel, set up time and sound check), paying for our expertise and professionalism, plus the work we have already done in our arrangements and rehearsals so that we can deliver a great performance.
  • The ‘before’ cost.
    There are hours of work for each client in emailing, giving advice, sending technical certificates, invoicing and contracts, phone calls, client meetings- the list is quite long. Then, there is communicating with the singers the details of the event, rehearsing and learning new material. We also offer you loads of help when you are organising your event, with blogs, helpful documents and great communication via email, phone, skype and meeting.

What other factors are involved in the price of hiring a gospel choir?

  • Location, location, location!
    Where is your event and how long does it take to get there? The further away you are from London, the more it will cost, to cover our time and our travel expenses.
  • How many singers do you want?
    Our smallest line up is 4 and our largest is 12.
  • How long, or how short is your event? 
    Is it particularly short, e.g. a marriage proposal, or particularly long e.g. extra to our normal packages?
  • Are you having a large wedding, or large event?
    We may need to hire in a bigger PA for events over 200 people.
  • Do you want songs not on our repertoire list?
    We charge £225 for new arrangements.

How much does Get Gospel charge?

As you can see it all depends on the factors above but our minimum charge for most events in 2018 is £1100, with funerals and marriage proposals usually being less.
There are loads of gospel choirs in the UK to choose from, all with different price ranges. We are somewhere in the middle with our pricing.

Is there any way to make it cheaper?

Yes, but only occasionally. If your event is very near to where we are and very easy for us to do, or if we are free at the very last minute before your event we may give you a discount.
Generally, when conversing with suppliers for events, the best way to approach them is with kindness and enthusiasm for their art or work, and to try and make it easy job for them. This may also encourage them to give you a discount.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful! Do get in touch if you would like to know more about what we offer!

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