What’s In Our Wedding Package?

Each choir has their own way of organising their wedding package and pricing so we wanted to outline ours nice and clearly for you. Please get in touch if you would like a quote; we have a base price for London which increases the further away you are! Read on…


You can have as many songs as you like within the actual ceremony. It can be songs sung by us, organ/piano solos e.g. for entrance and exit, songs played from an iPod through our system, or solos by one of our team. We can also sing in the hymns to bolster the congregation (either with microphones or loudly within the congregation), or even lead worship.


You can choose up to 5 songs for before or after the service. You can have all five before, all five after, or two before and three after – it’s up to you. If you are choosing to have songs after the ceremony, make sure you pick a cappella songs. This is so we can move to wherever you guests move to and still entertain them. This is usually at the back of the church, outside the church, in a garden or another room.


Before the service: three songs
Entrance: one song – we recommend 1.5 minutes for this. We can shorten some songs for this purpose. You might choose to have our organist play for this bit.
Hymn or worship song
Performance: some people choose to have one or two performances during their ceremony.
Signing of the register: two or three songs. Ask your vicar what he recommends.
Hymn or worship song
Exit: one song. Again, you can choose to have the organist/pianist at this point.
After the service: two songs a cappella outside the church.


Before the service: nothing. We are happy to play an iPod playlist for you for atmosphere.
Entrance: one song. Remember you can have no religious music whatsoever in a civil ceremony.
Performance: one or two songs. Some couples have secular songs for their guests to join in with, to take the traditional place of a hymn.
Signing of the register: usually two songs but it’s good to have one spare in case you need it.
Exit: one song.
After the service: five songs a cappella wherever your guests may move to.

These are just examples. You may choose to have entrance, exit, signing of the register and that’s it. It’s entirely up to you!


If you have booked us to do both the ceremony and reception, we set down the PA system straight after the ceremony and move it in to another room, or perhaps outside if the weather is nice. This transition takes about 15 minutes. We usually create our own set list for the hour but do let us know if you definitely want or definitely don’t want any particular songs.

We hope this article is helpful, but please do get in touch if you have any further questions!

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