Gifts on Lockdown – Personalised Videos!

How do you bring the joy of experiencing music back in to your special occasions now we are all social distancing? And when you can’t go out for a meal or a concert, how do you make a birthday or anniversary unique and thoughtful?

Here at the Get Gospel camp we’ve thought of a way to do that! We are offering to produce a lockdown filmed version of any of our songs on our current repertoire list that is bespoke to you. We will make it totally yours by any or all of the following:
adding in photos you email us
holding signs like ‘Happy birthday’ or ‘Happy anniversary’
changing the lyrics of a song to make them special to your loved one
speaking a message written by you
adding in your own filmed messages or greeting at the end or beginning of our video.

We are happy to give key workers a discount too!

Check out how we do Happy Birthday here.

We produced a longer version of this video for our client’s mum.  She made it her own by sending us 4 short video messages from members of her family and included loads of different photos, over background music of our recorded version of Blinded By Your Grace. If you would like to use some of our recordings as background music, you can choose any of the songs from our Soundcloud page.

We recently filmed our cover of Higher Love for another client’s anniversary. The video was interspersed with photos from their wedding day and we ended it by wishing them a happy first anniversary whilst holding a sign which said the same thing (check out the photo above).

Videos take quite a few days to produce, so get in touch at least 8 days in advance of your preferred delivery date. We endeavour to send you your video at least two days in advance of when you need it.

How much does it cost?

Happy birthday videos cost £150 for 4 singers.

Full length songs from our repertoire list cost £300 for 4 singers (pianist is no extra if required). 

Do you want an arrangement of a song we don’t currently have? A full arrangement costs £200 and a shorter arrangement (eg 1 minute or 90 seconds) costs £125.

If you are a key worker (NHS, care worker, supermarket worker, public transport, emergency services, teacher etc…) then get in touch to find out about our discount.

Why does it cost this much?

It’s helpful to know why things cost what they do! Videos take a lot of time-consuming organisation as we are all apart. Here’s what happens:

We discuss the idea and come up with a plan.

If we don’t already have a backing track, our pianist records one. For a capella songs we also have to make an easy backing track to record to as well.

Each singer films, records and sends their part (takes up to an hour)
The audio parts get synced up and mixed (takes about 4-5 hours).

The videos get synced up, placed and made to look nice (also takes 4-5 hours).

All the extra photos and messages bespoke to you get added in. This takes 1 – 2 hours.

Video gets uploaded for you to check over and change anything small if necessary.

Then the video file gets sent directly to you.

Can I make changes to the video after draft 1 is uploaded?

Because it takes quite a while to sync the audio and video together, we can only make minor changes e.g. the order of photos/video messages, swapping photos or changing any written message we have added in. We will make a good plan of how the video will go at the start before any editing is done so that there should be no surprises!

Email us to ask any other questions and discuss your ideas!

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