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After years of singing at all kinds of events, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, we know those small important details that people aren’t aware of, we have all kinds of advice for brides, grooms, event organisers and record producers… and we’d like to share our experience with you to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

We also like sharing our music! We take pride in our arrangements and performances, our mission is to inspire people with our talent, creativity and positivity.

So below are all our free articles, and where you can find our free music downloads. Please do share them with friends, colleagues and family. If you’ve got a request for an article, do get in touch – let us know what you need to know and we’ll share our experience with you. And if you’ve got a music request, we’d love to hear that too. Enjoy!


Top 10 Tips For Church Weddings

Top 10 Tips for Civil Ceremonies

FAQs – here are our most frequently asked questions, from our how to book, to choosing songs and singers, to our cancellation policy. Please email us if you have a question that isn’t listed!

Our Wedding Package – what’s in it? A guide to what we offer.

Songs For The Ceremony – our table to help you pick songs for your wedding ceremony.

Repertoire List – all of our songs in one place (last updated Feb 16).

Our online videos – with all the relevant links to YouTube. The easiest way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our channel:

Thinking About Hiring Us For a Funeral? Lots of helpful info here.


Feeling Good – our Nina Simone Cover

All You Need Is Love – our Beatles cover

Oh Happy Day – Edwin Hawkins – a classic!