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Our most frequently asked questions…

  1. We’re getting married! How many songs can we have in the service?

When you book Get Gospel for your wedding, you have us for the entire ceremony – there’s no limit on the number of songs you can have within the ceremony. You probably already know that we have a five song set before or after the ceremony (or split between the two!), but from when you enter until you leave you can have as many songs as you like. We’ve sung for some couples for whom the music is the most important part of the wedding, and those times have been more like concerts! For the most part though, people choose to have four to six songs at the following times:

  • The Processional (Entrance)
  • Signing of the register (usually two songs but some people choose to have three)
  • A performance song or songs. This works well if you don’t have any hymns or congregational songs. And some people just like to have a performance! We love having a captive audience too.
  • Leading the hymns. Generally this means singing very loudly along with the congregation. Sometimes we sing on microphones, especially if we are singing one of our versions of said hymn e.g. Joyful Joyful. Sometimes we teach people songs to join in with, e.g. Oh Happy Day. This is a great way of getting people to enjoy group singing and to feel relaxed with us as a group.
  • The Recessional (Exit)

Check out more on our wedding package here, and this document is also helpful.

2.)  Can we choose what songs you sing at our wedding or event?

Fo wedding ceremonies, it’s really important for you to choose what songs you’d like to have. We definitely want you to choose music that reflects you as people, your relationship and how you feel about getting married. We will advise you if we think something may not work, but ultimately it’s your decision.

For drinks receptions and parties, please tell us if there’s anything on our repertoire list you definitely do want or definitely don’t want. We will then pick a set of songs that will work well for the event and be able to tailor our set list at the time for your guests.

For corporate events, we will work with you to customize a set list that will be suited to and compliment your event.

3.) Can we see you perform before our wedding or event?

You are very welcome to come to any of our public performances. We don’t have that many, as the majority of our performances are private events. When we do have a gig, we advertise it on our facebook page ( and you can sign up to our mailing list too for more updates. We have many videos on YouTube on which you can see the specific singers who will be at your event and in special circumstances, we occasionally video one of our rehearsals for you.

4.) Can we choose what singers we have?

Unfortunately not! Get Gospel boasts some of the best singers in London and we are all very busy session singers. Be assured that every one of our singers is fantastic, and even if your favourite singer can’t be there, you will not be disappointed! We will let you know before your event which singers will be there.

5.) Will we get a beatboxer?

Absolutely yes! We have five beatbox singers in our team.

6.) Can I come to a rehearsal?

We’re afraid not. Our rehearsal times are usually jam packed and rehearsal space is limited so unfortunately we can’t accommodate visitors.

7.) Can we meet you before our wedding/event? 

Yes. You can meet me, Jules, in central London to discuss your event and all the finer details. I love meeting up with clients in person, and also love to connect over the phone.

8.) Can I hear your versions of the songs I want?

Yes. A number of our original versions are on YouTube but if they aren’t, I can send you our version on mp3, just ask. Here’s a list of our online videos.

9.) There’s a song I want which isn’t on your repertoire list! Can you learn it for me?

We do arrange new songs for our clients for a fee. We love hearing your ideas for songs and we love making them our own. What makes Get Gospel special is the way we put our own spin on well known songs – it’s your commissions that push us to be more and more creative. It takes a whole day’s work to arrange and record a new song, with rehearsal time on top, and that’s why we have to charge. Sometimes there are songs that you want exactly like the original e.g. straight gospel songs by Kirk Franklin or Andrae Crouch, and we can learn those for slightly less of a fee. If budget is an issue, one of our singers will be happy to sing the song as a solo on the day, without the rest of the group. This works well for a bride’s entrance.

10.  How do I book you and how do I pay?

Once you’ve decided you’d like to book Get Gospel, I write a contract for us both to sign. On returning of the contract, there is a 50% deposit to be paid to secure the date. 25% of the full fee you’ve paid in the deposit is non-refundable. The balance is payable two weeks in advance of the event, or by cash on the day (by prior arrangement). We prefer internet transfer for our payments. I’m afraid we no longer take cheques. We have been stung in the past by clients failing to pay, or companies going bust before final payment so we have found this is the fairest and safest way to receive payment for an event. We don’t take credit card payments but we can accept payment via paypal, and this will be plus the percentage fee we will be charged by paypal.

11. I’ve paid upfront, how do I know you will turn up?

Get Gospel was formed in 2011 and we pride ourselves in having a good reputation for great singing and performance, punctuality, good communication, smart attire and most of all being trustworthy. As professional singers and musicians, to continue making a living doing what we do, we make sure we live up to our reputation.

12. Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel, you will have to pay some of the fee. This is because our singers will have often turned down other work in order to perform at your event and may not get that work replaced. If you cancel within two months of the event, 50% of the fee is due, 75% within a month of the event, and 100% of the fee is due if cancelled within two weeks of the event. It’s extremely unlikely that we will cancel, but if we have to, we’ll return your full deposit to you.

13. What if we need to postpone our event?

Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that may cause you to postpone and re- book your wedding or event. We understand this and are happy to help. In these circumstances, if you cancel with a view to re-book us on another date, and it’s more than two months before your event, we are happy to put the 25% non-refundable deposit towards a new booking. This will be less a discretionary fee to cover the work already undertaken and will be unique to each booking. As you will have paid a 50% deposit, we will refund what is due to you so that you can start a new booking with us. Though our prices only vary by small amounts from year to year, we cannot guarantee that the cost will be exactly the same for the new booking. Please re-book within six months of your cancellation. If you haven’t re-booked a date with us within six months of your cancellation, we reserve the right not to transfer the remainder of the non-refundable deposit to your new booking. We cannot refund the deposit to you if we aren’t available on the new date, it will be treated as a normal cancellation.

If you cancel with a view to re-book and it is less than two months before your event, it will be treated as a normal cancellation. In goodwill and depending on the circumstances, if it is possible to transfer some of the deposit to a new booking, we reserve the right to do so.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? If so, let us know by email and we’ll add it on!

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