Everybody’s Free to Feel Good

Remember ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the film? Leonardo, Clare and Shakespeare once again capturing the world’s hearts with a little help from Baz Luhrman and a brilliant soundtrack. Then you’ll probably remember the wedding scene with a gospel choir singing Rozalla’s dance track, ‘Everybody’s Free To Feel Good’. It was a stroke of genius, fronted by a young Quindon Tarver that every boy singer wanted to emulate.

It’s one of our a cappella arrangements which is a hit with some couples, and last Saturday morning we decided to record it impromptu for a bride who’s wedding is next year, whilst hanging out in the glorious sunshine on a golf course before our wedding started. It’s an off the cuff recording which pleased some of the young onlookers as you’ll experience at the end! We hope you enjoy.

YouTube link to Everybody's Free to Feel Good
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