Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a video…

…so we’d thought take a moment before last Saturday’s wedding to video our jazzy, a cappella version of Queen’s hit, Crazy Little Thing Called Love for you. The beautiful Kirsten Ellington is singing the melody with newbie Mark Harrison, and Matt Featherstone lending his bass line tones and ‘best-in-the-business’ click. I got to wear my flowery jacket 😉 but more than that, I arranged it! My arranging abilities outweigh my iPhone storage for sure, and it ran out of battery before the end – hence the little paste for the last part. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it anyway! Click the pic to be taken through to YouTube, or visit our Facebook page. We think you’re ready.. Crazy Little thing Called Love!

Crazy Little Thing

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